FRIENDS STUDIOS is a production agency with offices in Bucharest, offering small to large-scale production and coordination of e-commerce, editorial and advertising photo shoots, film and digital content creation.


Our range of services includes all aspects of production and executive production with a specialisation in e-commerce, client services, location scouting, casting, behind the scenes coordination, and social media.


Our goal is to accomplish the creative vision of our clients while providing a high-end service ensuring a smooth and enjoyable production from start to finish.

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Our Vision is to be the most trusted photo & video agency by great brands. This vision because it can only be accomplished through selfless service, consistent quality, and great results. Founded in 2008, we established a culture of service, that has been strengthened over a decade by strong core values. We’ve decided to put them here, to be transparent about how we hold our team accountable day-to-day. 


Understand a problem before you try to solve it

Way before we put any ideas in practice, we take a long hard look at what we’re trying to accomplish. It’s only by truly understanding our goals that we can identify the key insights that drive results.


Put your audience at the center of your idea

The content we produce isn’t for us and it isn’t even for you. At the end of the day, your customer is our customer. The right idea is the one that moves the audience to action.


Great planning leads to great execution

Meticulous planning and attention to detail help us uncover potential problems long before they impact the project. We pay attention to the details so our clients can focus on what they do best.

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FRIENDS Studios is part of the MAJOR Group, the communications and media group which features full services for the new-media and communication industry starting from public relations, marketing, branding (People PR Agency), photo & video production and editing,  e-commerce full services, web development, talents management (MAJOR Talents), advertising (MAJOR Advertising), events development and management (Major Events)